Passionate about food and good service


Vitti’s Cafe is an independent coffee shop situated at 42 Mitchell Street (Cnr Michell St. Gregory St) Northward Townsville.


We pride ourselves on quality and provide a smart casual and fun atmosphere where our customers can feel at ease, relax and enjoy their coffee our focus is on the quality of our coffee and food,


Vitti Cafe offers more buzz and friendliness.  We love food and take care in sourcing our products, using as many local businesses as possible.  You can eat in or take away.


Our cakes are handmade and delicious.  We also do pizzas all the year around. We are delighted to cater breakfast and lunch for events and meetings.


Serving the finest coffee is a labour of love. Make this place your own.





 We do things a little differently the payoff to the attention to all this attention to detail is the taste. If you can't can't live on coffee alone, we do provide other sustenance. Delicious cakes, the meanest of deli style toasties and other quality goods.



Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to really make some headway on work. Getting away from the office just to think in front a coffee can often be the most productive thing to do. Vitti Cafe is the place!

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